Friday, December 9, 2011

Family Photos

Right before we moved in August, my favorite photographer extraordinaire, Haylee McGuire, took our family pictures. There was rain, thunder, and lightning that afternoon, but it broke just long enough for a quick photo session. Here are some of my favorites.


Annie said...

I love the last photo of just you and Ash. You're so pretty! Miss you guys!

Jamie said...

Awe so glad you posted these! I was going to tell you too. My kids loved looking at them as much as I did. That last picture of you and Ash you need to blow up and frame big for your room. Seriously it's the prettiest picture of you ever! xo

Natalie N said...

Ahh! I love them all!! You're so beautiful! And tell your kids to stop growing, please!! :) :)

Adri said...

Awwwhhh... so cute.
We sure miss you guys. Love all the photos!

Jason.Ashley.Kyler.Camden said...

Audrey- These turned out so great! I love the kids with each of you and the individual kid shots were adorable too! I need some of these:) Hope all is well in Oregon! Love you guys!

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